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144Hz Display, 90W Charging? The Upcoming Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Saad Ullah



Lenovo is working on its latest mobile device, this time a gaming phone

Lenovo Legion

In the past, there have been a lot of leaked videos of the Legion gaming phone by Lenovo itself. However, there hasn’t been much information on the device from specification side. Recently, a source at XDA Developers has released new material on the Legion phone, along with some impressive specifications.

Here are what is so far known about the upcoming Lenovo’s first attempt at a mobile gaming device:

  • An impressive 144Hz display refresh rate. One of the highest in the market.
  • 90 watt super charging capability, a claim by Lenovo in a supporting slogan of “30 minutes to 100%”.
  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 under the hood.
  • Whopping 5000mAh juice stored in a dual cell battery.
  • Stereo 65mm speakers.
  • Dual cameras at the back (64MP main and a 16MP wide angle lens) with a 20MP front camera.
  • A “3D cooling tower structure” with dual heat pipe partitions to have long lasting cooling capability. The technology is supposed to dissipate heat evenly, making the whole back cool off at the same temperature, something gamers have been crying out for a long time.

The original images of the Lenovo Legion also showed that the phone might come bundled with a pair of gaming pads, a protective cover and true wireless earbuds for a wire free immersive gaming experience.

It gets Stranger Onward

The specifications of the Legion mobile phone are great (at least on paper), but that is just scratching the surface. Apparently Lenovo has some pretty strange design aesthetics and other technology up its sleeve.

The mobile is charged by the latest USB C type port. The device comes with not one, but two ports. One is on the bottom, as nearly all phones are, but there is another one on its side. The secondary port is to charge the device while a user plays game so that the cable does not interfere with the gaming. Whether both ports support the high 90W charging or only one is not clear yet.

Lenovo Legion with a side popping selfie camera

The cameras on the phone are also placed in very weird positions. The primary and the secondary cameras on the back are situated near the middle of the back, with a dual tone flash exactly in the center. Stranger still, the front facing camera is a pop up that peeks out from the side. Perhaps the designers are considering the mobile will be used pretty often in a landscape gaming mode and the positions of the camera are as such. However, I would not trust this to be a good idea, especially with the poop up selfie camera. Just imagine you want to take a selfie and you try to pop out the camera, only to have your hand pushing it back in. Worse still, if your hand is not gripping the phone tightly enough, it can slip out of your hand and fall on the floor.

With the Legion still in design stage, there may be some changes when it is finally launched, but the daring design and aesthetics do show that Lenovo is seriously considering this as a more of a gaming device than a mobile.

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