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7 Tech Innovations That Can Bail the Hotel Industry Out of the COVID 19 Crisis




Hotel Industry

The COVID 19 pandemic has shaken up the hotel industry to the core. After almost a year, we’re slowly seeing travel and hospitality players beginning to revive themselves. Even though hotels are doing all they can to safeguard guests and employees, tech innovation holds the key to the resuscitation of the hotel industry as a whole.

Hotels have been using technology to offer better and more exotic experiences to their guests over time. However, the pandemic situation has pushed them to integrate technology further into their operations to inspire consumer confidence. The new normal will bring forth new approaches to the use of technology in the hotel industry. Here’s a look at the different technological innovations that the hotel industry should focus on –

1) Contactless Check-in / Check-out

Contactless check-in / check-out procedures that use technology such a facial or voice recognition to verify guest identity are quickly gaining popularity. Keyless entry or the use of digital keys are also in use by independent and boutique hotels across the globe.

2) Dynamic Pricing For Hotels

Hotels are rapidly moving to new hotel revenue management software with dynamic pricing for hotels. This is accompanied by cost analysis, smart pricing, and timely promotions. The hotel revenue management software changes room prices according to an algorithm based on different influencing factors.

3) Location Specific Targeting

Hotel marketing also stands to benefit from the integration of emerging technologies and data analytics for hotels. This is the time to focus on location-specific targeting and to reach out to people closer to the hotel location. In a pandemic situation, though people are unlikely to travel far, they still might be willing to travel to weekend destinations and resorts closer to their homes.

4) Robots

Robotics and the use of humanoids can be very instrumental in services such as room hygiene, cleaning, customer care, and security. This could be a confidence-inspiring move to assure guests of least human contact.

5) Digital Menu

For restaurants, using menu cards is now out of question. A good practice would be to use digital menus that customers can access on their phones to place an order.

6) Chatbots

Artificial intelligence and chatbots have long since worked to create better customer experiences in various industries. Guests expect a variety of digital mediums to interact with the hotel staff and want to get immediate responses to their queries. Chatbots can understand simple questions and respond instantly.

7) Online Reputation Management

Social media and travel portals allow hotels to build an online brand. Hotels are now finding newer ways to interact with customers online, monitor online reviews, and create a new relationship with customers online.
The new normal may be slow to become a reality, but meanwhile, hotels that persevere to create better, more hygienic, and relevant customer experiences stand to win in the COVID 19 crisis. Now, technology is an important tool that can help hotels create strategies to reach the right customers and offer a safe travel experience.

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