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Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Released. Google Listens to Consumer Feedback

Saad Ullah



Google has released the next pre-release build Developer Preview of their next Android version and have incorporated changes after listening to their consumers. The next iteration of the mobile operating software, Linux based Android 11’s developer build version 3 has been released. For developers who have Pixel smartphones and have already downloaded and testing out the preview version 2, will be able to get the latest one Over The Air (OTA).

There are a number of features and aesthetic changes that Google has incorporated in the preview. All of these come after Google’s extensive experience and feedback from their consumers. Here are a few of the biggest changes Google has made that are so far to please their users:

Smaller Screenshot Popups

After a user takes a screenshot in Android, the image’s popup is made visible for the mobile user to see what he or she has actually captured and share it immediately, if wanted. Now, the image popup preview is not only smaller in size, but the popup also now is shown in the bottom left of the screen.

Persistent Notifications No More

For most part, notifications can be dismissed by users by simply swiping them off by pulling down the notification bar. However, there are some notifications that the user simply cannot remove unless and until the notification specific application is closed. The Developer Preview 3 changes that and dismisses them. The notifications are not entirely removed though. The Android 11 has now what Google calls a History Panel already available in the previous developer version. The notifications will be simply moved there and removed from the main notification panel.

Auto Revoking App Permissions

Google has been actively working on improving its app permissions over several years spread across a number of Android versions. To ensure that users privacy is protected, Android 11 carries an auto revoking of app permissions if an application is not used for a few months. This comes in very handy in a scenario where the applications has not been used and updated and an exploit has been found, with the user unaware that the application can no allow hackers to steal their data.

Larger Recent App Preview

The Developer Preview 3 has larger sized previews when users go through their recent applications. The aesthetics are otherwise the same, with users able to switch to a previously opened app. Google has, however, made addition of two more buttons, namely the screenshot and sharing one. Why is a screenshot needed and shared is a question in itself. With changes being made from feedback from consumers and customers, there is a reason it is there though.

Router Capability

Users of Android 11 will be now able to connect their mobile devices to their laptop or computers through a USB to Ethernet adapter, allowing people to essentially use the Android device as a router and get their computers online. Surprisingly, this feature already exists on many Android devices already, such as Vivo mobiles. A majority of the devices are running a pretty old version of Android 8 and allow users to use the mobile internet or wifi services through simply connecting through a USB cable. Why Google has made it so complex that a USB to Ethernet convertor is needed is beyond anyone’s imagination.


Android 11 is in beta stage right now, with Developer Preview versions available on Pixel devices at the moment. The above mentioned changes and additions are just few of the many Google is incorporating and may not even be available in the final version.

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