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Apple TV 4K (2020) Set to Launch Very Soon, Specifications Revealed

Eseandre Mordi



There a lot of indications that show that a new version of the Apple TV is set to launch this year. In a Periscope video that was published by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman on 21st of April, he believes that a new Apple TV will be launched this year. To further strengthen this belief of Gurman, Jon Prosser – a prolific leaker tweeted on May 7 that a new Apple TV is about to be released. With the Apple TV 4K set to be launched, there are several expectations of its features and specifications.

It is however generally expected that this new version will be powered by an A14 chip similar to that which powers the iPhone 12 or an A12 chip similar to that of the 2018 iPad Pro. This has resulted in the speculation of it likely to be launched alongside iPhone 12 sometimes in September or October 2020.

Revealed Specifications

  • Processor: There are power consuming services that have been incorporated into the Apple TV and as such, there is an expected upgrade of its processor. The New Apple TV 4K is said to either feature next-generation processor like the A14 expected to arrive with iPhone 12 later this year or A12 processor. The A12 processor is what is used in the 2018 iPad Pro.
  • Hard Drive: The storage allocation has been a major challenge of previous versions of the Apple TV and has resulted in movies being streamed alone and not downloadable. This has been criticized by many Apple TV owners as it forces them to stream a movie without providing them with a download option. The new Apple TV 4K to be launched is expected to come with a 256GB storage capacity, a slight improvement on the previous version. This is most probably because Apple users stream contents and save them on iCloud other than downloading it.
  • Mac Mini Apple TV: Another specification of the Apple TV 4K to be launched is the possibility of the TV app arriving on the Mac, the Mac Mini and other devices. 

New Apple TV 4K (2020) Features

According to several tech analysts, the new Apple TV 4K is expected to come with several amazing new hardware features like:

  • Air Pod Siri Support: One of the most amazing features of the new Apple TV will be that it will make it possible for users to activate Siri on the TV using the new Air Pods.
  • Siri on Apple TV: The new Apple TV will make it easy for its users to talk to Siri on the HomePod even when music is being played. With this feature, users do not have to rely on the remote control for Siri to hear their commands.
  • A Remote Control Access: The new Apple TV 4K will most likely include remote control access that allows the user to make use of Siri to control the Apple TV. There has however been concerned expressed with regards to the ease of use and comfort of the remote.

Something amazing is about to hit the tech space and the Apple brand will be the one to have it launched. There is no fixed time to expect the new Apple TV 4K (2020), but from all indications, it is going to be launched this year. If all of the specifications and features revealed is true, then the new Apple TV is about to cause a shift in the tech world.

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