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Augmented and Virtual: Game-changing Realities

Eseandre Mordi



For years gone by, developers and the tech world as a whole have been caught up on redefining the way we see the world. They have come up with innovations that have helped put the world as we know it on a better pedestal, which makes our lives more comfortable. During this thirst for knowledge and innovation, a new technology was brought forth; Virtual and Augmented realities. Debates have been ongoing to know the actual origin of this technology, which were always were never conclusive. But the fact that we all agree upon is that this new technology is here to improve our way of living; therefore, they are here to stay. 

Understanding Virtual and Augmented Reality

The world today has been deeped into virtual reality in ways we can’t imagine, from its use in entertainment to new applications in the educational sector. So what is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality is a simulation of an environment generally similar to the real world or a created one. Although it is widespread in the entertainment sector, it uses has already been introduced for other purposes. Virtual reality is now designed for use in the medical and military world in other to simulate real-world experience without causing any lethal danger. Using this technology, most times, require the use of a head-mounted display gear that provides a screen through which the user experiences and communicate in the virtual world. With its widespread popularity, tech companies now invest loads of funds into designing hardware and software for this booming technology. This step has brought this technology into our everyday activities such as 5D movies, Virtual Reality consoles for gaming, and the likes. 

On the other part, we also have Augmented Reality(AR), which is a technology that takes a computer-generated image and displays it in the viewer’s range of sight in the real world, thereby creating a compound-view. The interactive capability of this technology is so high that users can barely differentiate the feel of the real world from the augmented through its use of sophisticated feedback technology. Augmented reality got its big break in the ’90s when Armstrong Laboratory designed the Virtual Fixture system. Still, now the technology has taken wide acclaim among gamers, military outfits, and the entertainment world. 

Both realities may be different, but their similarities are what brings them together. Where Virtual Reality(VR) puts the users in a simulated world, the Augmented Reality (AR) blends a new reality with real life. These technologies were so well designed that they give users an immersive experience that creates an illusion of realness. Their haptic feedback, motor, and neural simulation provide a seamless experience that would be tough to disbelief. Several movies have depicted both realities in their plot,  and this gives viewers a close observation of how it works, but truth be told, nothing beats the actual participation. 

In conclusion,  it can be said that these technologies have, in one way or the other, brought about a new way we see the world. Innovations are taking place to improve on its experience until the points it becomes part of our e everyday life. 

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