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CNN Plus won’t make it to April 30th, will cease operations two days early

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While CNN Plus already accelerated through the Go90 Scale of Doomed Streaming Services in record time, it has somehow managed to shave another two days off of its lifespan. Warner Bros. Discovery originally announced that the streaming video news service would close on April 30th, but Digital Trends reports that subscribers have received an email confirming the actual end date is April 28th.

That’s confirmed by this support page, and it appears to line up so that subscriptions, which started as early as March 28th before CNN Plus launched the next day, don’t run over a month and charge anyone a second time. This seems like something executives could’ve checked before announcing the end of CNN Plus, but these are unprecedented times.

The email and FAQ also explain that subscribers will be refunded the full amount of their subscription, but that after April 28th (tomorrow), “the CNN Plus daily and weekly shows, Interview Club, and the on-demand library of CNN Original Series and Films will no longer be available.”

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