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Increase Organic Traffic To E-commerce Store with these 5 SEO Tips

Ronak Meghani



Being in e-commerce business, you must know the importance of SEO. Basically It is a systematic process that helps in making your website visible on search engines, driving traffic, converting them into leads, and resulting in significantly good revenue generation. How an e-commerce development company attracts qualified traffic on a large scale is what decides its success or failure. Although there are different effective marketing channels for e-commerce, SEO is the Critical. Here’s why and how you can use it to increase organic traffic.

Optimizing your keywords

If you want your customer to find your site easily you should learn how to use keywords. So what exactly do you mean by a keyword?. Keyword are those words which are commonly used by the customers to look for a certain product or services. This is about identifying your buyer’s persona which will help you in finding the keywords. There are many tools Hyperlink which you can use to optimize the keywords and enable your customers to reach out to you without even paying a buck for it. For finding keywords you can also search quora or social media for trending discussion revolving around your product and service. Use google keyword planner and add those keywords which you feel can increase the transparency of your site.

Search Engine optimization for your page

This tool helps you to filter out the customers by enabling prospective high-quality visitors to your site. ON page SEO is a great way and has proved effective in generating traffic. This includes link exchanging which is trying to negotiate with other sites to share links between each other. Optimizing content, web code, and other nonpage elements to become search engine friendly. This is important because it increases the overall efficiency of the page.

Meta descriptions

Meta description don’t actually prove elemental in giving you a ranking boost on search engine however it is important to create an impression on the customer. It is a kind of short description of your site which you can align with your content marketing idea. It should clearly mention the product and service and it needs to be on point for the customer to look at it and get lured upon to visit the site for more information. It has been found that people don’t usually choose the first option but they read meta descriptions and choose the size which matches their searching intentions

Social Media integration

Studies have showed that sites who are doing well in SEO are having a strong social media presence. A strong social media presence helps you in creating an effective brand awareness. This will also help you in attracting customers by sharing links to your website ad increasing the visibility of your site and customers would repeatedly spend more time on your site. Besides adding social media buttons on your homepage to increase the credibility of your site and increases the level of experience the customer is going through.

Mobile optimization

Recent studies have found out that Google gives higher ranking to the sites which are not only desktop friendly but also mobile-friendly. This has been proved and tested that google’s algorithm gives such mobile-friendly sites a slightly higher ranking. But there is a wrong word out in the market that creating a mobile-friendly site is just fixing all the content on a small screen. This is a very bad thing to do. There are various tips and methods in which you can optimize. For e.g you can look into improving your page speed because 76% of people don’t wait more than 4 seconds for the page to load. and abandon their visit. Optimize images and try to improve each and every content from the UI perspective. You can also optimize by reducing the overlay of popups and ads which is highly looked down upon by visitors and may get penalized by Google ranking algorithm.

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