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Instagram Introduces New ‘Guides’ Feature Limiting It to Wellness Influencers

Eseandre Mordi



Instagram has just recently updated its application to include ‘guides’ tab that will be accessible only to select wellness influencers. This new feature rolled out by Instagram is expected to help users discover new wellness recommendations. This feature according to a statement that was released by Instagram is a tab that will be included in a user’s profile that allows such user to create article-like updates. With this new feature, updates can be created from old posts, videos and IGTV videos.

While there might be a possible extension in the future, right now, this ‘guides’ feature is available only for wellness content. This is coming during the coronavirus pandemic as a measure to contain the virus by providing adequate information to Instagram users. The Facebook-owned social media platform is making use of wellness influencers and public figures to drive this new feature. To help control the wellness information that is being provided to users, Instagram has limited access to this feature. Selected wellness influencers with huge followership are the only ones allowed to access this ‘guides’ feature. According to reports, this new feature is expected to come up live in the coming days and set to appear on Instagram’s Explore tab.

What Does ‘Guides’ do?

The ‘guides’ feature is made available for both Android and iOS users but not yet available for the web version of Instagram. Selected wellness influencers that have the feature available to them currently include Deepika Padukone, Sudahong NGO, Klicksafe, and Eenfance NGO. The aim of this new feature has provided for by Instagram in a blog post announcing it include:

1) To help many people who are struggling with their health due to the coronavirus pandemic by giving them access to wellness resources. This feature will also help connect these individuals to expert organizations as well as tips that can help secure your well-being.

2) The ‘guides’ feature also aims at checking the spread of false information with regards to maintaining good health. With this feature and its limited access by some selected influencers, the information given is a lot more accurate than they are generic. Wellness resources and tips that will be provided are from expert organizations and individuals. Individuals, through this feature and the influencers that have access to it, can maintain a connection with others. The feature also helps you with tips to manage pain, anxiety and grief.

No doubt, many people are struggling with health-related issues and due to the lockdown in force might not be able to access medical care. With this new development made by Instagram, these individuals from across the globe can be taken care of. Instagram is concerned about the overall health and well-being of users across the globe.

The company did not provide a specific date when general users will be given access to the feature and how it intends to go about it. However, from the statement made by the company, there seems to be a possibility of the feature spreading to cover other areas of interest. More wellness and health influencers may also be given access to the feature in the coming days with updates provided to users.

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