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Recover Your Lost Files With Disk Drill, A Data Recovery Software Like None Other

Saad Ullah



Ever since modern digital computers were born, storing information has never been easier. A collection of electrons on the surface of recording media, it takes no time to store the data. Consequently, deleting data is as easy as it is to store. Where data can be stored, it can be accidently deleted. No computer user is immune to accidently deleting their files. From simple text files to videos, everything is at the mercy of one little moment of distraction. Then there is always a chance of storage failure that can result in corruption of data. Fortunately, Disk Drill is one free data recovery software that helps users to recover their files, even if they are corrupted.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a data recovery tool developed by the geniuses over at Clever Files. Disk Drill is a versatile tool that has been created for many different situations and devices. Yes, there are many other data recovery software on the internet, some by very big names, but Disk Drill is by far the best data recovery software. Reasons why Disk Drill is a class apart include:

  • Multiple OS: Made for iOS, Windows and Android, it doesn’t matter what device you have, Disk Drill has your back.
  • Largest File Format Support: With more than 200 different types of files supported by Disk Drill, it is the most versatile file recovery software.
  • Every Conceivable Device: Disk Drill, unlike many other data recovery software, supports a large number of memory storages. It can work with laptops, PCs, iPhone, iPad, digital cameras, external hard drives, flash memories, memory cards and many more.
  • Recovery Drive: For instances where operating software or the memory allocation tables go corrupt, Disk Drill creates a bootable recovery device.
  • Data Protection: Data protection goes to the extreme with Recovery Vault. 
  • Data Backup: Create a disk or a partition backup with this versatile tool.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitoring: A tool must for everyone, S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitoring keeps a real time check on the health of hard disks and drives, alerting the owner in advance if there is a chance of the disk failing and data being lost.

Easy Recovery Steps

Disk Drill is a very user-friendly free data recovery software designed with an average computer user in mind. People who do not have much experience or technical know-how can face many difficulties in understanding the interface and are forced to go to file recovery professionals who can charge a fortune. Disk Drill makes it very easy to recover data and files in the following steps:

  • Download the Disk Drill file from here and install on your device.
  • After installation, select the disk or device in which the data was deleted or is corrupt. Users can also select the type of data recovery method. The people at Clever Files advise to use the default mode, in which all available methods are employed so that the chances of recovering data are maximized.
  • Simply press the Search for Lost Data button and sit back. Disk Drill will go through the disk or partition selected and attempt to recover as much corrupted data as possible. Depending on the disk size, type of data and the volume, this can take a bit of a time. We advise you to let Disk Drill take its time for maximum effectiveness.
  • As Disk Drill scans for lost data, it will show what files it has detected and can be recovered. After the scan is complete, the computer owner can select the files that are needed and then click on the Recover button. Users will then be asked for a location where the recovered files should be saved. After the location is selected, Disk Drill will place the recovered files, ready for the user.
  • For users who find that Disk Drill has not detected their files, they can view the Reconstructed tab. For files that do not have complete metadata and are difficult to recover, they might be listed there. Users can preview the reconstructed files to determine if they need them.

If you still find the instructions too difficult, Disk Drill installation and data recovery guide is also available through easy step by step video. You can watch the video on YouTube as they explain how to recover your files. 

Clever Files is a group of people who have a mission of giving users economical tools that they can afford to solve their everyday computer challenges. The facts about Disk Drill speaks for itself. Disk Drill 4, the latest version, has been downloaded more than 10 million times, with 500+ paid users. Disk Drill is updated regularly and Clever Files translates their applications into 16 different languages, allowing users to interact with their software with ease.

To get the maximum data protection and recovery, download the best data recovery software on the internet from here.

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