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Shazam can tell you what concerts to go to now

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Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

Apple has rolled out a new “Concerts” section in the iOS version of the Shazam app. This new feature in Shazam version 17.0 recommends concerts under filters labeled “For You” and “Popular.” Users can narrow down the list by location and save concerts they’re interested in.

This new section also includes information about the venue and a link to purchase tickets for each concert. Tapping on a specific concert gives you the option to save it in the Shazam app and even add it as an event to your calendar. Under that, the app offers up music from the band or musician playing the show. You can either play the music inside Shazam or pop over to listen on Apple Music or Spotify, depending on which service you’ve connected to Shazam.

 Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

The data comes from Bandsintown, which licensed its data to Apple in 2022. Bandsintown’s data already shows up in a surprising number of places in iOS, including Spotlight Search and Apple’s Music and Maps apps. It’s a neat idea, though it’s a little weird how hard to find this stuff actually is in any of the apps outside of Shazam.

In Music, for instance, you’ll find it in the Browse tab under Set Lists, or you’ll see it in Spotlight when you tap on an artist card and then scroll down. And in Shazam, it’s more obvious. But also, I always just ask Siri. I genuinely would never have known those features were there if I didn’t, you know, do this for a living.

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