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Shopping Delivered to NHS Staff in Milton Keynes by Automated Vehicles

Saad Ullah



Knee high robotic vehicles are delivering shopping to NHS workers in Milton Keynes free of charge.

Beating Lockdown

Milton Keynes is a town in the United Kingdom that has been particularly susceptible to the corona virus. As social distancing and isolation has crept into the lives of the residents, these smart robots on wheels are doing their jobs without hindrance.

A familiar sight in the Britain town, the robots have been serving the people for the last two years. Small, knee high and looking as if coming out of a Star Wars movie, these devices have come in high demand since end of March. The corona virus pandemic has hit the town of Milton Keynes hard and strict precautions have been taken by the authorities to curb it. The little robotic vehicles have seen a surge in their popularity as people are restricted to their homes and are finding it difficult to go out and get their groceries.

Brought in the United Kingdom by US based firm Starship, the little white boxes on wheels are seen zipping around the town at a speed of just under 6.5 km/h. Big enough to hold several shopping bags and bottles of beverage, the robots have enough capacity to deliver a sizable amount of groceries.

Knee high, the robotic vehicles can deliver several days worth of groceries.

Free Deliveries for NHS Workers

The NHS staff in the Milton Keynes area has been very busy combating the corona virus pandemic. Some of the professionals have been putting in more than 80 hours a week. By the time the health specialists get off from work, the town shops have closed down. The shops are closing very early in the lockdown.

With no time possible to go out and get groceries and other essentials, the medical staff was at dilemma. The obvious choice was to get food and groceries delivered. Starship’s little robots were the perfect choice.

To honor the effort and commitment the medical staff have towards preventing the spread of corona virus, Starship is now waiving off its delivery charges. All NHS staff in Milton Keynes is getting their groceries delivered without hindrance.

Henry Harris-Burland, from Starship said,

“Right now we are offering free delivery to all NHS workers within the community. We want to make life a little bit easier for these people in these very, very stressful times,”

The little six wheelers have completed more than 100,000 deliveries in the town and according to Harris-Burland, his company is doing everything to increase the area of coverage. The company has already doubled its fleet to now number at 70.

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