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South Korea: Relying On Technology To Contain Covid-19

Eseandre Mordi



South Korea happens to be one out of the many affected countries in the world that have tried to control the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. Unlike other countries, South Korea is not forcing its citizens to stay at home and they are going about their normal businesses. In Seoul, South Korea, they have all returned to their daily lives. Notwithstanding the coronavirus pandemic, their malls, parks, restaurants, and business places have been filled with people recently as their government devised a means to put the coronavirus under control. 

As at 28 of February, the total number of coronavirus in South Korea rose to 909, but according to Korea’s center for d and prevention, the coronavirus cases have diminished greatly and the death toll is about 236. The South Korea government has succeeded in controlling the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic using several high tech methods and it has worked greatly for them, therefore, let’s take a look at some of the high tech ways used by the government; 

A compulsory government-run smartphone app tracker 

The latest recorded case of COVID-19 in south Korea was from people who came from overseas, as a result of that the government has succeeded in setting up a walkthrough facility that would test anyone who arrives in the country. New arrivals are tested for symptoms and anyone without symptom is quarantined and tested again after three days so they can be certain that they are free from the virus. According to Reuters, the government has also created an app that should be downloaded by new arrivals. The app tells new arrivals to report themselves if they have symptoms of the virus and those without the symptoms will be asked to quarantine themselves for two weeks. If tested negative after two weeks, you can delete the app from your phone. 

Roll out location tracking wristbands 

The location tracking wristbands are mainly for those who will violate the quarantine orders. The wristband is to be used always in case anyone tries to go against the quarantine laws. However, if anyone tries to trick the government by removing the wristband, the authorities will be automatically alerted. This might be seen as a violation of privacy by human rights and the government has gone a little soft on the wristband issue. 

Smart city tech 

The South Korea government has decided to build a smart city database that will help health workers track traffic and pollution all around the city. This way COVID-19 will be tracked using the smart city infrastructure, also  CCTV footage, credit card transactions, travel information, etc will be used by health workers to track down COVID-19 patients. Also installing the smart city data bank will ensure that health workers get to a patient within a few minutes. 

Infrared cameras 

South Korea government has also decided to pile infrared cameras everywhere around the city that will help the health officials detect people with a fever so they can be brought in to be tested and quarantined until they are certain that they are free from the virus.

The South Korea government has put in a hundred million dollars into building isolation centers and stocking up medical facilities for the fight against coronavirus because they are certain that the pandemic isn’t over yet and will stretch for months. Aside from the technology put in place to fight the virus, the director-general for public health ministry also stated that the people have to upgrade in their personal hygiene so as to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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