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Steam Deck, ROG Ally and more: all the news about the handheld PC gaming revolution

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Valve’s Steam Deck and its carrying case. | Image: Valve

Catch up on our coverage of PC gaming handhelds, starting with Valve’s category-defining Steam Deck.

In July 2021, Valve revealed the Steam Deck, a Switch-like handheld device that lets you play your Steam games on the go. The device is packed with features, including a huge variety of control options, a 7-inch touchscreen, the ability to connect to external displays, and a quick suspend / resume feature so that you can pause your games and pick them up where you left off. The device began shipping in February 2022 starting at $399.

In our initial review, Sean called the Deck a “glorious mess,” but things soon improved. With an unprecedented degree of support from Valve and the help of the gaming community, it became one of The Verge’s favorite gadgets of 2022. Nearly a year after launch, we explained how no other company has anything quite like it — although a few are trying, like Asus with the upcoming ROG Ally and Ayaneo — and increased our review score. Here’s our latest interview with Valve about what’s next.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Steam Deck, and you can read all of our coverage of it and upcoming rivals here.

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