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The $750 self-transforming Optimus Prime just got a $750 transforming trailer too

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If you’re a ultimate Transformers fan with deep pockets and the willingness to forgive a few big flaws, your dream toy has arrived. One year after introducing a 19-inch tall Optimus Prime robot that can transform itself, pose and even drive thanks to 27 servo motors, its makers at Hasbro and Robosen have made their vision complete — with a brand-new trailer that can also open up, transform, and reveal its own miniature motorized vehicle that rolls right down the ramp.

 Image: Robosen
The trailer, all buttoned up.

Let me be clear: it costs $750 for the robot and $750 for the trailer. This is a $1,500 toy all told, and while I greatly enjoyed playing with a walking, talking, posing Optimus Prime with the voice of Peter Cullen himself, you can see from my hands-on that it won’t necessarily do everything you might want. (In fact, my review unit broke due to a fragile plastic gear in the torso, though I’ve been assured that was fixed in later units.)

 Image: Robosen
The trailer fully opened, taller than Optimus almost by half.

But if you’ve got the cash, this three-foot trailer looks like an epic addition to the build, able to automatically deploy its gun turret, deploy its hydraulic lifts to detach, open up its rear doors, and get towed around by Optimus with “an integrated fifth wheel coupling that easily attaches while operating in truck mode for a quick and realistic connection.”

Even if I can’t justify the price myself, I love that it exists. I’ll leave you with a couple quick video clips from my hands-on with the original.

You can also order them from Robosen, by the way, though the Optimus Prime costs $999 there for some reason. Hasbro and Robosen have suggested that they’re limited-edition collectors items, and that might be true, but I’ve seen the robot in stock a number of times in the past year.

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