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The Verge’s 2022 Valentine’s Day gift guide

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These gift ideas ran Cupid’s arrow right through us

Valentine’s Day is just days away, which means it’s time to remind your partner, your parent, or that friend who is always by your side how much you care about them. Thankfully, if you’re not one for elaborate bouquets and gushy, traditional displays of affection, it’s easy enough to just treat the holiday as an excuse to get cool stuff for the people you care about most. After all, who isn’t a fan of a picnic-ready backpack or a warm pair of slippers?

To gather some gift ideas, we’ve cast a wide net, enlisting The Verge’s staff to submit products they are giving this year or ones that they would love to receive. Our gift guide includes suggestions for people who are active and spontaneous, as well as some ideas for those who are homebodies or prefer a gift that’s a little more low-key. While most can be used by one person at a time, some of them can involve everyone in the relationship, rendering them a great excuse to ditch the screen and spend some quality time together.

Note: if you’re worried about receiving a gift in time for the holiday, we’ve also rounded up a number of last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas, including a few digital suggestions.

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