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You can unlock your iPhone While Wearing a Facemask Says Apple

Eseandre Mordi



In a bit to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organization has mandated the use of face mask, hand sanitizers, and social distancing among other preventive measures. This has resulted in an outcry by several iPhone users who because of the use of facemasks cannot access the face ID feature of the iPhone. This has largely affected those who have to compulsorily put on facemasks all day due to the work they do making the Face ID feature useless to them. Apple has not only heard the cries of its users, but it has also responded swiftly to address the issue and provide a solution.

The latest developer version of iOS 13.5 is reported to have a subtle new feature that makes it easy for users to unlock their phones with their protective face masks on. Series of videos that were shared on Twitter by Robert Peterson and Guilherme Rambo, shows how this new feature works. According to these videos, Apple devices with the Face ID feature will jump to the back-up passcode entry screen when a mask is detected. This not only makes it easy for users to unlock their phones, but it helps keep to the safety precautions in place to check the coronavirus.

Many users all across the globe have been quick to express their joy about this upgrade especially those who make use of the iPhone X, XS, OR 11. Individuals who fall into the class of users find it frustrating using their devices with their facemasks on. This is because the software mandates a biometric authentication instead of access to a passcode screen. This important change made by Apple with regards to how its authentication works not only makes the Face ID feature easy to use, it also does not undermine the security of users in any way.

Why Is This Change a Good One For iPhone Users?

This fundamental change made by Apple is helpful to users who unlock their phones several times a day as they can now do so easily. Frontline health workers who have to remain covered all day at work also find this feature favorable. It helps to keep people safe amidst this global pandemic by ensuring they don’t take off their protective facemasks which makes them exposed to the virus.

While this change is expected to arrive in the standard, non-beta iOS release, Apple is also working on modifying the FaceTime video calls app. Through this modification, it looks to create an opt-in feature in the FaceTime settings that allows for a static grid of faces during video calls with many users.

Apple and other tech companies are ensuring better customer experiences are provided for users in these trying times. This is further evident in the new contact tracing system jointly developed by Apple and Google. With this contact tracing system, National Health Authorities can build apps to help users find out if they have been in contact with someone who is infected with the coronavirus. This collaborative effort of Apple and Google alongside iOS 13.5 is expected to land in the coming weeks.

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